In-Demand Capabilities and Expertise for Brave Brands

Sky Bench, part of the Integer Group® is a retail experience design consultancy that offers turnkey, low-risk advisory services and design solutions aimed at retail brands wrestling with reinvention and customer relevancy.

Retail Experience


Designing solutions centered on refreshing, renewing, and reimagining brand spaces.

  • New store concept development
  • Store Fleet modernization



Design solutions that carry brands into new territories and extension environments.

  • Innovative co-branded experiences
  • Store-within-store buildouts



Design solutions aimed at expressing clearer, distilled experiences in more concentrated brand spaces.

  • Unique pop-up stores
  • Engaging service kiosks

Retail Experience


Consulting engagements centered on fostering understanding of and empathy for retail customer journeys.

  • Cross-functional workshops
  • CX audits



Customer path illumination and intelligence gathering for brand spaces and events.

  • Shopper journey tracking
  • Experience feedback collection



Analysis of traffic and engagement metrics for experience benchmarking and optimization.

  • Space analytics
  • Experience dashboarding

Retail Experience


Building innovative solutions that meld physical spaces and technology for seamless experiences.

  • Experiential retail
  • Retail innovation



Designing front-end and back-end systems that optimize customer and staff experiences.

  • Omnichannel technology
  • Retail touchpoints



Structuring technology, innovation, and physical spaces to work across chains of stores or thousands of locations.

  • Expandable retail
  • Multichannel integration

Schedule an Atmosphere Audit today. Sky Bench’s Atmosphere Audit is a turnkey, comparative-benchmark report that gives you a refreshing and actionable evaluation of your current retail store experiences. Using our proprietary scale and scoring system, Sky Bench will assess and rank the presence and impact delivered by your retail store.